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  1. Hey guys, so I was wondering if there was any way to battle 6v6 random Wi-Fi on Pokemon B/W? Is it possible to make a DNS like you do with something like Hyper GTS that matches people up for 6v6 battles, or is it not possible? I guess I could just use Pokemon Online to battle, but like late at night when I can't really get to my computer or I don't feel like it and Im just kind of lying awake, battling would be really fun, but I can't stand this lvl 50 3v3 battling system.
  2. For some reason I'm randomly getting 5200 Errors and Communication Error. Please turn off the power. The IR-GTS works sometimes, other times it doesn't, I don't h ave anything else running when I try it, I have the ports forwarded, and I have it allowed through my firewall. Don't understand why I can only get it to work sometimes, and not other times, I don't see any difference in the circumstances of the transfer except for time of day.
  3. Just tried to get into a rated battle and it said that there was a problem with my pokemon and I couldn't enter D=. Is it because my blaziken is Japanese?
  4. Thanks so much man! Yeah totally forgot about Technician being DW only, duh. Thanks for changing it for me.
  5. You have it's origin as Black, you can't catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Black or White, it has to be transfered over, so the origin has to be a game where you can actually catch it Met at should be PokeTransfer for hatch condition and location, to many EVs, can only have 508 I think is the max. THat's what I see, someone else may be able to find more.
  6. Hey guys, I think I'm getting the hang of this, I just made this shiny female eevee, It's suppose to look like it came from FireRed as an egg to Black/White, would anyone be able to tell it's PokeGen'd? Hope I did it right! ShinyFemaleEevee..pkm
  7. Yeah I went to bed last night and said... OH WAIT THE MOVES T-T.. lol, editing those in now. Only 5 characters? Okay, I shall name him Blaze!!!
  8. I have the program that opens it set to PokeGen by default, then just double click the .pkmn file. Should I not do that?
  9. Hey guys, I'm here to request the following competitive team, I just need the .pkm file and I can get it into my game myself, I've tried to make these myself but I keep running into techinal(read:I'm an idiot) problems. So while I try to teach myself how to not be an idiot, I'm hoping someone can hook me up with this team so I can throw down on some wi-fi.
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to PokeGen and I'm trying to make a competitive team, so I make the pokemon and hit Save Pkmn from tab. Doesn't work. I check the forums. OH DUMB ME YOU HAVE TO USE SET!!! Well, I right click hit Set, have it highlighted(Tried it unhighlighted to) go to save, load it back up. Still didn't save anything. It saves my Ability, nature, and met, but that's it, it doesn't save level, level met at, moves are at 0 PP, my IV/EVs are gone, and I've tried everything I found on forums. Tried setting, tried double setting, tried setting in party, in box. I don't understand it. Any help is much appreciated!
  11. Wow, none of the things i put in saved... at all. I'm such an idiot!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry guys, I'm not sure how to delete this post, but I think I figured it out.
  12. Hey guys, I put together a competitive team and for some reason they aren't passing the Wi-fi check. I'm 100% new to using PokeGen and making pokemon, so it may be something obvious, although I didn't see anything.
  13. Well, some of them show as legal, three of them to be exact, the rest don't, is it just an anomaly, and they could all be legal and the program just be putting out eratic results because it isn't for Gen 5 pkmn files?
  14. Hey guys, all these pokemon are showing up as hacked on the legality checker, and I'm not sure why. They were Gen4 Pokemon files and I used Poke Transfer to morph them into Gen5 files. I really don't understand why they aren't passing, I don't see anything wrong with them! ditto..pkm pichu..pkm growlith..pkm ralts..pkm dratini..pkm sableye..pkm vulpix..pkm gastly..pkm spirittombb..pkm eevee..pkm
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