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    edditing personalitys

    Ok thank you, that explains why i was continuously getting what i was getting. Now i have another question, im tweaking the stats to get the personality i want and then reverting the stats back to max-just for me, i dont bother to trade or go to tournaments or what ever, but im just making my pokemon to the way i like and i plan to copy and paste the pid numbers so i can transfer a wanted personality to another so i was wondering if this will create any unwanted trash bits or what ever or mess up my pokemon on the inside even if i dont notice any thing or if it will be perfectly fine and just as good as a normal in game pokemon?
  2. I hope this is the right place, anyone have any tips to editing the personalitys? Not the attributes, the personalitys like "Alert to sounds", "hates to loose", "mischievous" etc. Ive made some progress but basically can only get 1 out of 5 or so and thats it, never get the rest. I know it depends on the stats and played around with them but im not getting anywhere. any help, tips?
  3. this is very frustrating, i cant get any codes to work for any of my pokemon games. im using my ar for the dsi on my dsi and i went threw everything to make sure they are set up right, right region, right game ids, the codes are right, i cant get it to do a simple id change but i tryed the other codes out there on code junkies and thoes work. anyone have an idea of what i can do to get them to work? i havent gotten them to work for a very long time and would like to get back in to pokemon
  4. i was wondering if there was a way when you edit the nature and pids if there was some way of determining the sub nature, you know like some what vain or highly curious or alert to sounds. or is it just random.
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