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  1. What video game was the first one you ever played? Around how old were you when you played it? For me, it was the original Sonic game for the Sega Genesis console. I was around 5-6. What as yours? :tongue:
  2. Does anyone wanna battle? If so, send me your friend-code and the time you wanna battle (on project pokemon in a private message or whatever its called), just please tell me if the time is in the American time zone (Eastern Time Zone i think is the one I live in) or some other country's time zone. My friend code is: 4425-7928-0067. I think its either my Diamond or Platinum code, and yes, i will only use LEGIT pokemon.
  3. Hello! I am new to this website and this is my first thread or whatever. I am a big fan of hacking Pokemon games using the AR. :biggrin:
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