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  1. -Pokemon Being Randomly Sent out- #1. Reshiram #2. Zekrom #3. Keldeo #4. Genesect #5. Zorua(Shiny) #6. Zoruark #7. Meloetta Question!?! Should The legendary Dogs For B/W Be added? -More to come. -Please look at poll, For older event Pokemon added. Please, Be patient ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- How to Connect!: 1. Have connected to the in-game Global Trade Station before (just for the knowledge of how to use it). 2. Make sure you have a working connection, then visit your game's title menu (the one with the continue button). 3. Now click "Nintendo WFC Settings", and then the nice blue button on the left. 4. Then, click "Ready" on the connection you use to connect to the internet from your DS normally. 5. This brings up the "Edit Settings" page for that connection. Scroll down, and change "Auto-obtain DNS" to "No". 6. Your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS are now editable. 7. Now set the Primary DNS to 8. Do a connection test by pressing "Test Connection" at the top right. It should give you a "Connection Successful". 9. Save the settings (remember to press the button), and go into your game. 10. Enter into the GTS as normal. 11. You should then be connected to The Global Terminal instead of the original Nintendo GTS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
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