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  1. If you put the pokemon page in a shortcut, when you press Y it stills reads in Japanese. Its not a mistake, but is the only thing I have in my shortcuts in Japanese.
  2. The easy touring medal description says: This medal commemorates the 30th time youxffferode a bicycle.
  3. I was wondering about V3, if the names are gonna be longer, does that mean we can use the gts to trade pokemons or will it still be unable to do that.
  4. Ok, I've never posted here before, Im a huge pokemon fan since gen I. Also I wanted to thank you for making the best translation patches around, I was able to enjoy black and white when it came out in japanese thanks to your translations and now im enjoying Black and white 2 thanks to you people again. Good luck, thank you for your hard work.:grog:
  5. Ok, I already found out the problem.....had to put them in the PC box. Can anyone close this thread?
  6. I changed the nature of the four pokemons i have in my party and now i cant seem to figure out how to make them work online....can anyone help me please?
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