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  1. Poison moves really only heart grass, but it does help take care of those grass types
  2. i've been trying forever to get a shiny vicinti, are the rumors of it being impossible to be shiny true?
  3. Hello, i'm looking for a pokesav'r assistance in obtaining the following pokemon. In a couple days is my birthday and this would make a excellent present This is will be my first online team on gen V. So Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I trying to get a team going so i can start doing wifi battles. i have B/W pokesav but i don't have a AR to get them into my game. Can someone please help me? i already have the code for the team i want i just need someone to give them to me. Thank you in advance. Black FC : 3654 0440 9009 Black poke save code: White poke sav code:
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