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  1. Already tried that - still unsuccessful. I also modified your pkm to have the location as 'Day-Care Couple (G4)' but that didn't work either.
  2. He had changed it to hatched as well. Is there any particular method you should use for pokemon that were hatched in a generation 4 game and then transferred? The guide on this board only talks about hatching and poketransfer separately not together.
  3. jasterj's breloom was in a pokeball and it still didn't work
  4. Gengar and Latios are working, but Breloom still is not. I think his location as "Day-Care Couple" is incorrect.
  5. That's odd - the Garchomp and Tyranitar I made had the same location but they went through. I'll try that and see what happens. Thanks
  6. Could anyone take a look at these pkms and tell me what is wrong? I've gotten some to work but these wouldn't for some reason. Thanks
  7. Both of them now work. What I did was put them in my PC, saved my game, turned my game off, and tried again successfully. (Someone else had a similar confounding problem as I did and this was their solution as well) On a side note, Popeye's Haxorus was encountered at Level 0...
  8. I tried a party of two legit, caught ingame without cheat pokemon and Popeye's Haxorus. Didn't go through. I tried a party of two legit, caught ingame without cheat pokemon and your Excadrill. Didn't go through.
  9. I still can't enter with your uploaded Excadrill or Popeye's Haxorus. Is there any logical explanation for why they would be legitimate on one DS and not the other?
  10. That is really disconcerting; I know it isn't another pokemon in my party because the second I remove Haxorus or Excadrill I can random battle with absolutely no problems.
  11. The Excadrill is still getting rejected on random battle wifi. Nope, I tried to enter random battle with Haxorus and two other random pokemon I caught in game. Thank you but could you explain why the PID was impossible for the IVs I put? I wanted a Flawless Shiny Haxorus which is why the IVs were like that. It's not like I went over 31 and the rest of my flawless IV'd pkms went through fine. Also, I thought IVs were in no way related to the PID (per original post).
  12. Here is the current Haxorus pkm. I was making some other pkms (Zoroark and Hydreigon) that worked successfully but the uploaded Excadrill pkm also failed the legitimacy test. Perhaps there is some common error I am making with Haxorus and Excadrill... To my knowledge, though, I am using the same method to create all the pkms, both failed and successful. Haxorus.pkm Excadrill.pkm
  13. I cut down all of the IVs to 15 and it still did not work. Though I'm not particularly sure why the IVs would be the fault since the other PKMs I made that passed had flawless IVs as well.. Any other suggestions? I'll add the escape sequences and edit this comment with results. Thanks EDIT: Still reports a problem...
  14. That's how I initially made the PKM file. The PID there is the one pokegen created upon saving. I'll try your suggestion and edit this comment with results. Thanks EDIT: Still saying there is a problem with the pokemon
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