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  1. ...oh. Wow. Sorry, I got confused by your link, didnt read the files carefully, and picked the one with the highest version number assuming it was the most recent. Problem fixed. You are officially the man, haha. Thanks for all the wonderful work
  2. Additional oddity: The GTS Negotiations system works perfectly despite the changed DNS. So the above issue only arises when I try to connect to the actual GTS from the menu (IR-GTS) I realize this is definitely a problem at my end but IR do you have any clue what's up? Firewalls are down, and sendpkm for HG/SS is working without a hitch
  3. My firewall is off... I know (or am fairly sure) that the DNS is correct because when I tried earlier and tested connection, it failed. With the DNS I put in the Test Connection is successful, but once i try to enter the GTS I get the error and am asked to turn off power if you cant drag and drop type the name of the file and enter in the cmd prompt
  4. IR, as soon as I begin connecting to N WFC there is a long delay and I get "communication error, please turn off power". I believe I have entered everything correctly, and my .pkm file is fine (220 B). I think I also did everything in the cmd correctly because it says "Ready to Send..." it says to change my DNS to, I changed both primary and secondary to because the former will not go through. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  5. I have the same error that azurfire initially did, as soon as I begin connected to N WFC, I get "communication error, please turn off power". I believe I have entered everything correctly, including the DNS (the primary and secondary have to be the same right?) and my .pkm file is fine. I've also done everything in the python correctly because it says "Ready to Send..." Help? Also RedGalaxy thats an error due to pokesav usually, make sure its "nickname" is same as its pokesav name instead of just blank when you create it.
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