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  1. every time i get this ">>>SALT = 'HZEdGCzcGGLvguqUEKQN' >>>request: http://gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net/syachi2ds/web/[worldexchange or common]/[action]?pid=#######" typed in and press enter i get this " File "<stdin>", line 1 request: http://gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net/syachi2ds/web/[worldexchange or common]/[action]?pid=###### ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax" right under it. Am i supposed to use something other than ENTER? Edit: The small arrow should be under the braket right where the word "[action]" starts, the fourm doesn't show the spaces before it.
  2. hey i finally got an account so i could ask questions, and there's one that's been nagging on me for a while, is it posible to make a python prgram that sends a wireless signal and attatch to it a pcd (wonder card) file?
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