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  1. Hope everyone is having a good time playing pokemon B/W. Just wanted to see what Pokemon you had in your team before you fought the E4. My team consisted of: Emboar Scrafty Carracosta Eelektross Silgilyph Accelgor My team took awhile to finally come together. Emboar, Scrafty and Silgilyph are the only three that are still in my team before the 4th Gym city, Nimbasa City. The other three were added pretty much at the 7th Gym city, Icirrus City. Carracosta was added a little before but still was later in the game. While playing the game I did try to use Zebstrika, replaced by Eelektross, but it ended with disappointment. Blitzle was tough to keep alive in the game and once it reached 27 to become Zebstrika my desire to have him on my team went away. Another pokemon I wanted to use was Simisage, later replaced by Accelgor, but I had way to many attack focus Pokemon on my team so I needed to find more special attack. And then most of the game I had an extra slot open for any Pokemon to catch my eye. And the only one to was Carracosta since I needed a surf buddy. After beating the 8th gym, I slowly took my time though Victory Road to make sure I was ready to face the unexpected Elite Four. After starring at the newly designed Pokemon League, I challenged them with my team averaging around 50. With the help of the Max Revies and Moomoo Milk, I took down the E4 in one going. Overall I thought was a good challenged to beat them, liked how I was able to pick who I fought and not have a set order and loved how my team did against them being a couple levels below. Accelgor became my favorite on my team as he cleaned up house on most of the E4. Had a great time playing this game and can't wait to challenged the Elite Four soon!
  2. http://datelcustomerservice.com/files/NDS-ARDS_firm_1_55.zip here is the ARDS v1.55 see if this helps,