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  1. Both servers were working fine for me. Odd how some people seem to be having issues. Well, I want to say thanks to Bond and all the people that contributed for the awesome pokemon!
  2. Are there any specifics to put in the Met Tab for generating traded Pokemon this time? In the 4th gen games, traded Pokemon were given the "Apparently Met" flag, and so you simply had to put in the location with different trainer info. Does that still apply to Black and White? And what about traded eggs that hatch after traded? Would the Egg Received location for traded eggs still be the DayCareCouple? Reason I'm asking is because I noticed there are location options for "Link Trade", but I believe those are used for the ingame trades (eg: Petilil for Cottonee).
  3. I haven't seen any mention of the Egg checkbox in the main tab. If I wanted the pokemon to be made as an egg, I would want to check this box correct? Then when I apply the code, the egg will show up and then need to be hatched? From there, would any data you input in the OT/MISC and Met tabs be overwritten when the egg hatches? I remember in Pokesav, if you were to hack an egg, it would hatch into a level 1 version of whatever pokemon was inside with your OT info and whatever location you hatched it in. Also, how many steps would it take to hatch?