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  1. Dhoo, silly me skipped right over that sucker last time For anyone that's viewed this and wondered
  2. Straight forward, Thanks for any helpful comments or information.
  3. I have been, was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to correct this issue is all =). Thanks for the hasty response Donmoosavi =)
  4. Oi! Infinite Recursion, Thanks for putting your time, effort, and energy into this project. Thank you very much. Everything is working perfectly for me but Dragging and Dropping .pkm files into the window. Any suggestions?
  5. Pokegen 3b17 is what im using. Ill upgrade. Thanks =) EDIT: After loading up the saved file in Pokegen, trying to save the changed PID it wasn't sticking. so i Copy Pasted the PID i generated in Pokegen and edited it in pokesav. It stuck then traded my egg over and it worked out perfectly.
  6. I'm assuming i did something wrong down the line... But i attempted to edit the PID for one of my eggs to make it Shiny. Now after a goo 35 minutes of getting it down pat. I manage to get my Number to 4 (From 43165 ) But once i traded it back to my Retail copy (SID ID are correct i got them from this egg) It hatched as a plain Blue Sawk. Did trading it effect it's shine? Did i miss calculate along the way? Thanks for any feed back. Take care
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