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  1. If you can't get it to work, your best bet is to simply trade for the Charizard via GTS and edit it from there, unless you require an egg move. (e.g. trading for a Cloyster and inserting Rock Blast does not work; you must create it from scratch and complete the egg information) If you have any moves that are learned past level 50, you must set your Pokemon's level to that move's minimum required level.
  2. Exactly where did I say it was an issue with Pokegen? I only suggested putting a disclaimer in the original topic. Perhaps the PID is entirely legitimate but it fails the legal check for other reasons. The original topic states that in order to apply the dream world ability, you change 0x42 to 1. This is hit-or-miss when it comes to the legal check. Modifying a Blaziken obtained from the GTS this way worked, but not Vaporeon. Note that no moves or origins were changed; the Blaziken's origin is from "Spain/Latin America" but that doesn't seem to affect anything. We know that DW Vaporeon has been given out as an event in Japan, so there must be other parameters at work.
  3. Well, even with the program generating the PID, it may or may not pass the legal check. My personal success rate for dream world ability legality has been quite random. I've gotten some Pokemon that have had event releases to work, and some not. Setting 0x42 to 1 isn't a magic bullet to pass the check at the very least.
  4. Right now it seems that the legal check for Dream World abilities is hit-or-miss. By modifying 0x42 to 1, I've gotten the Dream World abilities to pass on Politoed, Ninetales, Charizard, and Blaziken. This works despite the non-Japanese origin of these Pokemon. However, doing the same to Vaporeon, Staraptor (note that Staravia HAS been released in Japan), and any Gen5 Pokemon results in a failure. All of these Pokemon were first obtained through the GTS, so by reverting the Dream World bit change, the Pokemon is legal again. The PIDs were not changed, though I double-checked to make sure all those Pokemon had ability 1. Maybe put up a disclaimer stating to attempt dream world abilities at your own peril until it's figured out? Solar Power Charizard is pretty fun by the way, though fragile as hell. Use Tailwind to set it up and you're good to go!
  5. By the way, wi-fi legality also includes equipped items. I tried equipping a Pokemon with Petaya Berry and the Pokemon became illegal as a result. If you are having issues after PID modification, try unequipping the Pokemon!
  6. Gen1 (RBY) and Gen2 (GSC) stats were calculated differently. In those games, given max EVs and IVs, a level 100 Pokemon would have a non-HP stat of (2 * Base) + 98. A perfect Mew, then, would have stats of 298 across the board. The current system (Gen3+) crippled all Pokemon stats due to the different EV method. Under this system, a level 100 Pokemon has a non-HP stat of (2 * Base) + 36 with no EVs, and (2 * Base) + 99 with 252 EVs. Then multiply by 1.1 or 0.9 depending on the nature. Since you can only put 252 EVs on two stats, this means that all Pokemon are weaker overall, but certain stats can be skewed to extremes. This is one cause of the power creep we're seeing in Pokemon: an offensive strategy only needs 252 EVs in one attack stat (ignoring the other), but a defensive strategy requires 252 EVs in both defensive stats for maximum coverage. Add in the general power creep to moves, and you've got the recipe for the current OHKO metagame we're seeing. A Gen1 Lv100 Mew has a stat total of [2x100]+98=298 across the board, while HP is [2x100]+203=403. Easy. A Gen4 Lv100 Mew has a stat total of [2x100]+36=236 across the board before EVs kick in. 4 EVs = +1 stat boost, so 252 EVs in a stat gives it +63 (236+63=299, nature: 299x1.1=328 maximum). If +63 is given to two stats, then +1 is given to a third. (HP is [2x100]+141=341 before EV modifiers). Since Mew and Victini have the same base stats, that's what your stats should look like.
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