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  1. @Maxx0ri, I just tried it with Pokemon White (injecting liberty pass) and it worked for me. I have a question, sorry if this has been answered, I tried looking for it on the front page and within the program itself (also it seems like my google-fu sucks). Does editing the date of the date received affect the legality? Thanks.
  2. Sorry if my question irritated you, I've already explained that I'm quite new at this. Edit: N/M!
  3. Hey, this might sound stupid, but I'm just really inexperienced with things such as PokeGen or PokeSav. Anyway, if I load pkm files from the previous generations, is there anything specific that I have to do to make them legit (PID/IV etc.)? Thanks. edit: Also, will using 5 Generation Evolution Editor affect the legality of pokemon? Thanks!
  4. Sorry, if I missed this but, in the nickname bar, does "\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF" mean anything? Thanks for this guide! It has been really useful. Edit: Also, how do you make it look like it's been traded between white and black (what to put in the 'met' tab etc.)? Thanks again.
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