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  1. we know. thats what we've been talkin about for the last 4 pages. we're trying to solve it
  2. I Think That it might have been a scheme by Datel to get everyone to Buy new ARs
  3. mine was version 1.52.. i can use the code that i booted before i updated it, but yes i cannot change any codes or it wont boot
  4. the DSIAR works the same as the DSAR. And the DSIAR is compatible with the DSi, DSiXL, DS lite, And regular ds consoles. it runs about $19.99US. Codejunkies.com have them for online order here(http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/DSi-Action-Replay__EF000789.aspx). but my local Gamestop has them for the same price -the shipping and handling
  5. On Mine. It wont even allow me to start the game after i choose which codes i want to use, even if i don't type in a new code
  6. yeap. now we are gonna have to get a dsiAR. which is ok, im gettin a new dsi on monday. im gonna fiddle with this one and see if there isnt another way to reverse it
  7. yeap. it wont let me add new codes to the game ether., it will let me add them to the AR. but after i chose which ones to use in game, The "INSERT ACTION REPLAY" comes up
  8. Ok. This thing has been bugging me for three days, im eventually going to get a DSIAR soon so the USB isn't of importance to me. thanks
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