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  1. Good afternoon, This is Cycling Road. I came back to the forums today as they said I was unbanned after 2 weeks and now I seem to have an infraction for making spam threats. I didn't make the spam threats here and I'm a perfectly good boy. I don't know why I have such an infraction. I did no such thing. Thus, I wasn't here on that day 2 weeks ago. Alpha gave me the infraction. Could someone please take a look into it?
  2. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hi! I'm Max's little brother. I'm 12 years old.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  3. Wow, Palamon? Such a strange name. I've never heard of you before. I'm Cycling Road and I barely went on forums except for when Serebii kept banning my account on SPPF for no reason. Nice to meet you here. I was always mistaken for Max, which I'm not.
  4. Ok, I'll make my posts soon but I gotta either go eat or play now. So I'm off.
  5. I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to troll or I didn't mean to.
  6. Thank you and I will do my best to spell everything right. lol. I used to believe caps were bad.
  7. Yes but I lost my password and then I remembered my original email address because a friend helped me get it back and it had my Yahoo Answers account on there and I only drew attention because I was treated unfairly on my first day at SPP so I figured if I could act like I can't spell or write in proper grammar, they won't bother anymore. I was only trying to help a friend and I signed on from school. I wish to email Kirby but I never had any contact with her whatsoever.
  8. Thank you wraith89. And I feel like my English has improved because I used the most common excuse to get people to believe I'm someone else; English is my 2nd language, lol.
  9. that's what i've been saying. i'm not him and i have my YA account as well to prove it.
  10. no, i'm not referring to myself as max in 3rd person or any person because i'm explicitly not him. i moved away from him and people kept bringing the name up when i was just new to serebii. it's just downright plain unfair.
  11. will you be my friend? but, ples. i try to be nice. stop calling me max for whatever reson.
  12. you dont understand. i'm not him because i cant even spel half the time.
  13. excus me, what are you doing? didnt i just say im not max? im not that good at spelling or grammar either.
  14. will you ples stop? i'm not max and never will be. i'm only cycling road.
  15. yeah, i know. maintaing proper grammar and spelling for me is hard. so this must be some proof i'm not max because he has perfect english.
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