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  1. I personally would update tot he latest software on the manager first, i think the 2 people having the biggest problems hay have been slightly earlier than latest. in either case unless you have a flash cart or have the money to replace the cart (or get a flash cart) your taking a risk no matter what you do make sure al the codes you want are in it before you flash.
  2. 2.0 link is interesting. that 1.6 would put you in the same boat, its designed for the same hardware as the 1.71, you may be able to force a downgrade if you can figure out the pinout and data specs of the NDSAR chip. The best way is the flashcart downgrade method i posted on the same directional post as the upgrade method. unless you mean a bruteforce on the cart via USB, this is not possible due to the fact that the new software doesnt recognize the older USB chip(i assume, i havent access to a newer version2 cart to crack open and compare) but in any case without USB communication its similar to building a brick wall between the chip and the driver.
  3. Thats an ARv2 firmware so it will need the same edits, and probably have the same flaws, but THANK YOU, i was looking all over for that, now does anyone have any other firmware versions for the arv1 cart aside fromt he software update ones? Your welcome
  4. Well, that idea is a bust. Its got a standard flash chip(SST 39VF080) that contains the codes, a standard USB driver chip (Cypress CY7C63743) and a specialized datel chip(Datel NDSAR) of which there are no datasheets.
  5. a gen 1 is the ards that you need to take out and put the game in, the gen 2 lets the game plug into the back of the ar. How handy are you guys with soldering, i can crack mine open adn see what it woudl take for a manual reflash if that would help anyone.
  6. do you have a flash cart? something maybe went wrong in the update, could you have accidentally changed another byte? i dont know, I recommend reverting and trying again.
  7. First time ive seen this come up, what version was your AR prior to flash? See if it works like an original generation 1 action replay, take the cart out and put the game in then select the codes and boot the came with the AR completely removed from the slot.
  8. this may sound like a dumb questions, but i always try for the simplest explination. after it brings you back to the start screen have you tried starting the game, or does it not let you at all? This sounds like it may be a new problem, this is a passthrough cart too?
  9. i wonder whats diffferent between ours and yours. all 3 were gen 2 passthrough carts, yet mine, and raz's flashed and ratained all codes/still works just cant add codes, yours on the other hand doesnt even boot games with the codes, is this correct? What firmware version was it prior to the flash, if you remember?
  10. "If you would like to upgrade to the DSi Action Replay, you may purchase a used DSi Action Replay for $9.99 + Shipping & Handling at http://www.datelgaming.com/DSi_Action_Replay_p/dus0162%20-%20used.htm. These Action Replays have been fully tested and come with a 30 day warranty. " This was in an e-mail from datel, its the cheapest way to upgrade ive seen unless shipping is more than 10 bucks(it may be, i havent ordered one) What kind of cart do you have SQRL? is it the type with the pass-through or is it the original swap carts to play?
  11. 1 means there is no connectivity between the ARDS and and PC for firmware updating or code transfer 2: Unfortunately it has been discovered that it does not alow code entry any longer it says Insert Action Replay. unless you know there will never be any more codes you want to enter, or you get a flash cart to revert it i dont recommend it. when you revert it it keeps all codes and you can add more then re-upgrade.
  12. If you can transfer codes its not the cable, i know i cant eveng et mine to connect in windows 7 i ahve to use windows XP. Thad being said have you tried to run action replay code manager in windows XP compatability mode? it might be a windows 7 problem?
  13. unfortunately the way i wrote about the flash cart is the only "certain" way, the pre 1.57 firmware ARDS should work but untested, I could not find any other way.
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