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  1. *Smacks self for not reading the readme first* After you drag the pokemon file to the IR-GTS window, press enter. Then the GTS will activate, and the pokemon will be encoded for transfer. It worked for me, on a 236-byte (party) .pkm file.
  2. Whoo! Finally a beta test! My this feels good, lol. I unfortunately have a problem to report tho. I'm getting a, 'Communication Error. Please turn off the power." message when I try to send a 5th Gen pokemon to my game. (Created with PokeGen) I never actually get into the GTS room. It just spends a lot of time connecting, and then that message pops up. Any ideas on what could be causing that? It seems python is allowed through my firewall...ect. so i'm stumped. I'm putting in the DNS correctly any all that stuffs.
  3. I just thought i'd let you guys know that Infinite Recursion updated his ir-gts website with news that a Generation V update should be coming pretty soon. He thanked the, '...dedicated chaps at Project Pokemon.' for their help. =)
  4. Knowing how long those dudes in the IRC worked yesterday to find this darn salt, i'm speechless too. Good job, lol.
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