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  1. it's a sapphire breloom though. the vaporeon is from SoulSilver as well, and that checks out fine
  2. so apparently my Breloom is hacked? I transferred it from Sapphire > SoulSilver > White. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Trainer ID/Secret ID since I changed it BUT I'm not sure. This is what I changed in pokesav: 1) Trainer name, Trainer ID, Secret ID BUT I changed them from the my sapphire trainer numbers to my SoulSilver numbers/name. I believe I might have changed it back to the original ID/Secret ID yet legality checker still says it's fake -____- anyone know why this is? or what are some common issues that occur that maybe I could check against? btw I can upload the file later when I get home if you want to take a look. I just can't do it now since I don't have it in front of me. Edit: I transferred it as a shroomish, changed it's level to 99 and changed it's Nature/IV's/attacks. I didn't touch met at, egg hatched, whatever. I used a rare candy in game to get it to evolve and that's pretty much it, other then the Trainer ID/Secret ID. I also transferred a vaporeon from SS and apparently it's fine even though I did the same tweaking? Strange stuff
  3. So I don't really play super competitively. I just like EV training + getting nice IVs so when I battle friends I can wreck them I had always EV trained my pokemon BUT since I don't feel like EV training a whole new team for Black/White I ordered a flashcart. I'm pretty sure I know how to use it but I have 2 questions: 1) What happens if you edit a pokemon that has already obtained max EV's? Let's say I have a Zekrom level 80ish, and it has already gotten all it's EV's scattered around. You then edit it's EV's in Pokesav. Will it rearrange it's stats to match thos EV's? Or will it begin to EV train even after obtaining all those stats? 2) Is there a site or website that will show me what it has to say for certain Pokemon. Like Location, caught at level XX. I don't really care for the whole (this is an illegal pokemon, can't be used in the tourney). I just want it to look legit at least. For instance: Event Celebi, Event Jirachi, Event Arceus... etc etc. Thanks
  4. if you don't get the adapter BUT you have a flashcart on the way. Is that when you use the NDS wifi transfer thing? then use the flashcart to get it onto the micro SD? I am really confused about this process. Edit: Also how would I transfer the save file back after using Pokesav?
  5. Well I ordered a DsTwo so I really don't know how to start off lol. Could you possibly link me to a good step by step guide that can get me through the save file transferring from DS to PC? I think I read that there is a way to transfer it via wifi? Or could you give me a step by step guide on how to dump the save? Thanks
  6. is this the program I need to backup my save files from my retail cartridges of white/Soulsilver? thanks edit: also what do I do with the files inside? is the .nds file the one that needs to be used? I don't know what to do with it and I haven't found a guide yet that explains how to use these things.
  7. I'm still confused. I read that you can't dump saves from retails unless you solder two points in the retail chip, and then use the NDS adapter. Is that true? or is the Flashcart the reason it works without soldering? I looked in the HG/SS thread but it's still very confusing. Could you possibly break down some of the steps into something more understandable lol
  8. Alright so I finally gave into Pokesav last night and ordered DSTwo flashcart since I heard it's very good AND it also has extra features for ROMs and stuff. That's nice and dandy but I'm more interested in the Pokesav features it can provide me. I have literally scoured the internet non-stop reading about how to use pokesav, etc, etc. However, I cannot find anything about how exactly the .sav file goes from the retail cartridge to the computer. How exactly does the flashcart + memory stick + the retail cartridge work? could someone give me a step by step description of what exactly occurs? I don't see how the retail cartridge could be in while the flashcart is in. Don't they go in the same slot? Thanks
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