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  1. It was doing this to me as well, I have no idea what made it stop but I was at least 5 hours into a new game before it finally stopped resetting the system. Now it works every time.
  2. It only works on DSLites and phats apparently. I have to borrow my fiance's DS to do it. It has something to do with the way the DSi hardware deals with a change in the cart, it's not something the scope of this program is supposed to be capable of changing.
  3. .nds is the rom itself (for use with non-retail cards like R4, Acekard, etc) and .sav should be the save files. This tool works with all DS games that I've tested (including those that use the newer IR cart like HGSS/BW, which this was specifically made for). This tool does not export .nds (rom) files to my knowledge, it is only for saves. The .sav should be compatible with Acekard for sure, and I believe most cards use similar files. I only speak for the Acekard 2i because it's the only one I own myself.
  4. Can confirm this works with Pokemon Black and White and an Acekard 2i with AKAIO 1.8.5a. It did not work the first several hours until after I had already played for quite a while, however, as each time I would replace the cart when prompted with white the DS would automatically restart. It works great now though (highly doubt the restarts had anything to do with software were totally hardware as it was slightly before the cart was fully plugged in, when you could hear the little click right before the cart seats). No idea why it stopped, but I'm not complaining.
  5. Trying to restore my Europe White save to my US White game, but I can't even try because as soon as I try switching the US cart in the DS reboots (which doesn't happen with the European game or SS). This is on a DSL with no Slot 2 cart (Acekard 2i). It doesn't reset on my DSi but this tool doesn't work on that... EDIT: It's a bit odd, but for some reason after starting a new game and going through all the trouble to move my pokemon over to the new game, I was able to insert the game for backup/restores without the DS resetting. *eyeroll* Ah well, I wasn't that far on my other saves anyways
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