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  1. Works on french version of Black/White too ^^
  2. Hey ! I finaly found the solution for my problem ... it was not coming from your application, but from my FTP server. When I used Xlight FTP, it became working very well ! Thanks for your wonderful software !!
  3. Hello, guys, and thanks for the help you provide us. I'm using a SuperCard DSTwo, and the Wifi version of this program. and the Homebrew is working just fine regards Backing up and deleting the savefile. But When it comes to restore, first, I don't see anything on the screen which is down except " Please select a .sav file (A) ... etc " So, the screen is black and when I press A and then change the card, I can see : Reading file : / ; And I get this error on my FTP program : [13:53:29] - [4] ANONYMOUS : Current Directory : C:\...\Saves\ [13:53:31] - [4] ANONYMOUS : Start Download of C:\...\Saves\; [13:53:31] - [4] ANONYMOUS : Download Fail of C:\...\Saves\; (3,26 K/S - 27 852 972 bytes) Help, please, I really need to put back this savefile on my cartridge...
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