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  1. I would but when I first backed up my save it was corrupted and I didnt know it was corrupted until I had restored it and once I restored it my save was gone.
  2. I still havent been able to find a save for SoulSilver yet. If someone could please upload one I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. The restore feature with the 3 in 1 doesnt work for me, but with the new version it dumps it fine. I can restore with wifi though. But I was using the old version to dump my save and edit it with pokesav and restore it, but it turns out the save I dumped was corrupted (I didnt know it was corrupted until I restored it) so once I restored it the save on my cartridge was gone. And I had just beaten the 16th gym leader and now I'm back at the start and really mad if I cant get a save. So if someone could upload their save it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The 3 in 1 restore feature still doesnt work for me, I'm on the 256 v1. And would anyone mind uploading their save cause I dumped mine with the 3in1 and it corrupted my save and now I cant restore because of the corruption. Not to be picky but I'd prefer the save not have beaten all 16 gyms yet or if it has-be only just after beating the 16th gym.
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