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  1. i run ipconfig before i try this everytime and my pc's local address hasn't changed yet I also make sure that the username and password are correct for all the FTP servers i try using (test/test on 8080) so far i've tried small FTP, filezilla, and xlite.
  2. alright, still having problems getting my saves to back up. I know it's not a problem with the connection because i use NDS backup tool wifi to back up all my other games and saves via FTP. I use a DStwo Supercard with firmware 1.08 and engine 1.10 using version 0.2.3 of this backup tool i only have the .nds and .ini file in my root i can connect to the AP but when it gets to connecting to the FTP it will fail, and eventually start repeating the word connect for 3 minutes before saying there is no FTP server.
  3. so here is how my tries are going using snapshot 2 Supercard DSTWO dslite i get through everything up to "connecting to FTP", and though i can connect using filezilla to my ftp it takes about a minute to before just displays the letters "nect"
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