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  1. No, it's HGSS. Here are the files, I also attach the Diamond save. Hope it can be fixed POKEMON HG.0.sav POKEMON SS.0.sav POKEMON D.0.sav
  2. wow gotta say thank you so much this tool, Pokedoc. I've tried this with the EZ5C13 type of 3in1 (the one that is identified as New3in1 by exploader) edit: oops apparently, there is an error. I have succeeded in backing up the save file, but unfortunately the save file cannot be read by PPSE-DS and PokeGen. Anyone got the same error? edit2: I've also tried to back up other games (Diamond, Platinum) and it worked perfectly.
  3. <p><p><p><p><p>Hey dude. I was wondering if you can help me create pokemon. Thanks a lot. Get back to me. Cheers</p></p></p></p></p>

  4. I've made one for you, but the OT, TID, SID, Location/Date Met, and Met at Level must be determined. Or if you don't care about them, I can fill them randomly PM me if you want to trade.
  5. The Dialga above doesn't have ability, I've fixed it: [ATTACH]5248[/ATTACH] This one is storage pkm file, while the above is party pkm. Hope it works well Edit: never mind this, I thought kaphotics hasn't edited his post yet. But I'll leave it here in case you want different OT.
  6. Alright, here's the uxie! [ATTACH]5245[/ATTACH] Hope it works well
  7. You still need the Date Met to create this Pokemon. When it is traded to your HG, the date met should say the day you met this Pokemon in your Diamond. It goes the same for the Level Met At. It should be lv 50. Give me the "Date Met" data, and you're all set
  8. I've made it for you, please check your private message
  9. Yeah, but just in case it's not working I think you should put the PP number when making the pokemon. Just for precaution Well, the place met should say Hoenn (since you are creating this one from Emerald), I have tested it myself, and it's working just fine. Test this: It should be working because in my save, it is. And it says it's from Hoenn. Here's the screenshot: click for bigger size blissey-edited.pkm
  10. You're welcome. It's okay sometimes I did that too! Anyway, enjoy your game! Don't forget to regularly backup your SAV file because everything can happen with the flashcart
  11. To make the pokemon in storage slots, in Pokesav main window, you'll see down right there is "Storage" and an Edit option. Click Edit and start making your pokemon from there. Pay attention to the box number, if you made your pokemon in Box 1 number 1-3, then in exporting ARDS you should choose "Pokemon Storage Codes". Choose the box and number where you made your pokemon before (e.g. Box 1, Pokemon 1-3), then it would replaced your first three pokemon in Box 1 in PC.
  12. Hmm If both names are the same, I think there shouldn't be any problem with your game. Try delete both game and SAV file from your micro SD card (don't forget to backup first!), then copy back your game and SAV to the micro SD. If it's not working then maybe there is something wrong with the game.. Or maybe the flashcart.. Btw, what Pokemon game are you playing?
  13. Hi, I have it I've used it so I think it should be working just fine DSPokeEdit.rar
  14. It depends in what place you made your Pokemon. Did you make it in the party pokemon slot? Or in storage? If you make it from the first three places in the party, then yes it will replace your old pokemons by the new ones. But if you made it in the storage (Box 1 Slot...) then it wouldn't replaced the party members.
  15. Is your save game's name same with the game's name? it should be exactly the same.
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