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  1. You may want to try this if your R4 is a "true R4 clone"
  2. I'm not sure but for R4 carts I think you need to have Wood as your firmware. That's how I make it work on my R4 (Although my R4 is a clone and I'm using a Wood R4 Clone FW)
  3. I use YSmenu on my r4 based r4 clone since I have no chances of upgrading my firmware to wood. Although... YSmenu didnt solve the problem of SGM not working (w/c the wood for clones program managed to do). js.
  4. Well yes there's a warning in the post. >.< Anyway, I hope you will able to work on your saves soon.
  5. I would just like to say that it finally worked for me (for my R4 clone based on R4 without wood. Lol) What I did is get this NDS file and load it up in the menu and then my card's firmware worked as if it were on a wood kernel. Then I booted up savegame manager .2.3 and it finally worked! Lol. I just backed up my HG save in one try and I'm hopeful that I'd be able to do the same when I get my Black & White copies. Thanks so much for your brilliant work Pokedoc. Cheers!
  6. It's good to hear from Pokedoc. I've been stalking this thread for almost a month now (not closing this tab on my browser lol). I do hope there would be proper support for all R4/R4 clones firmwares in the future. Thanks for your hard work!
  7. same thing happens to me :[ I suppose it's not R4 compatible. And I think it should've worked by itself w/o patching too though (if it were compatible with R4).
  8. Hello. Sorry to butt in from out of the blue but I really wanna backup my HG&SS save files. And my apologies as well if I would sound stupid with my questions. I just want to ask if the program works on R4 cards because I have no idea with which or what this program is compatible with. I am using an R4 card (well uh... an imitation) with a 4gb sandisk microSD with the old R4 kernel. Everytime I boot the program it just stays in the screen where it asks me to press B and nothing happens whatsoever. I've tried removing the .ini file as well to no avail. Actually, my only option now is to use WiFi so I'm bothered as to how to make things work. I've successfully backed up my Diamond sav files (along with some other games' saves) using Rudolph's wifi tool. I'd appreciate any help. I just don't wanna freaking buy that NDS adapter tool for like $30. Thanks! to Pokedoc, please do continue developing this tool. Thank you. Lol :biggrin:
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