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  1. so i want to trade pokemon here all pokemon are legit unless stated its hacked or unsure also if we can't connect get out wifi and get back in sometime when u in wifi waiting to long there is a bug that you can't connect 2 trade with some1 u get a item with every trade choose 1 item list power weight-hp ev gain power bracer- atk ev gain power belt-def ev gain power lens-sp. atk ev gain power band-sp.def ev gain power anklet-speed ev gain masterball rarecandy sun stone moon stone fire stone thunder stone water stone leaf stone shiny stone dusk stone oval stone dawn stone Top Wanted pokemon DW Pikachu must be legit Oshawott [Mat] (Modest) Jan. 18, 2011 (Mischievous) legit shiny(if possible) foreign ditto must be flawless spot light 5genpokemon (LEGIT as far as i know)shiny Eelektross male lv 39 doclie jap met in chargestone cave at lv 27(otbained by gts nego)iv's 4/11/14/25/25/4 (LEGIT as far as i know)shiny Haxorus ut lv 50 male met at lv 30 in mistralton cave OT Joseph ID No. 11717 iv's 14/26/1/15/24/28(axew also same OT lv30) (LEGIT as far as i know)shiny zorua (LEGIT as far as i know)Shiny Terrakion OT Mat near flawless jolly (LEGIT as far as i know)Shiny Landorus OT Mat near flawless (unsure)shiny rufflet in game events zoura/zoroark gamestop suicune x5 flawless win2011 suicune x 2 gamstop raikou x3 flawless win2011 raikou x2 gamestop entei x8 flawless win2011 entei x2 win2011 celebi x1 gamestop celebi x14 flawless and near flawless(got mixed so idk who is who) ev'd list(more2come) Sandile [Mat] (Jolly) Nov. 22, 2010 (Alert to sounds) [HP 49] flawless lv 17 ev'd 6hp/252atk/252speed shiny rhyperior flawless n ev'd shiny pokemon shiny flawless Cherubi Modest x2 kyogre shiny flawless x1 articuno shiny x5 TRU regigigas shiny x1 giratina LV1 x1 kurts shiny heatran x 3 groudon shiny nearflawless OT shadow rotom shiny x2 shiny phione x1 shiny shuppet x2 shiny elekid shiny x1 shiny baltoy x3 shiny teddiura x3 shiny mudkip x3 shiny cacnea x2 shiny gyarados x2 shiny gible x2 shiny shroomish x4 shiny aerodactyl x3 shiny skoupi x2 shiny golem x4 shiny ponyta x2 shiny skarmory x1 shiny smeargle x2 shiny steelix x1 shiny machamp x 1 shiny relicanth x 5 shiny porygon2 x1 shiny porygon-Z x1 shiny flawless rayquaza (none will hav more soon) shiny staryu x2 shiny piplup x3 shiny flawless spiritomb x1
  2. thanks it worked for me but kinda sux i hav 2 start over from zero in pokedex >,<
  3. so i try this and i can't even get 2 the gts i get communication error, please turn off power ,error code 13275 or error code 52100...i tried 2 turn off firewall n still the same also i just test it out i can send my pokemon to my pc but not send them back to my ds
  4. 1st of i am new here hi ^-^ i had vista and used hyper gts but now since i got a hard drive failure i can't boot os so i am stuck using ubuntu 10.10 and my psp to boot it lol (also my hard drive can't b detected) i hav python 2.7 and wine already but i dont know if hyper gts can be used on this for sure, i hav tried but it wont run.it says opening dsn_server n same 4 hypergts but it never does open v.v help on this would be nice ^-^
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