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  1. Thats gonna be a pain then im already pressing the DS to the router as is lol Ill keep trying though, and hopefully it goes above 0 Edit: nope, tried and tried again and it still refuses to work for me. Stuck on 0
  2. Hi, Im new to this. I bought a CycloDS, and used Savegame manager 2.2. Im using Xlight FTP and it seems to read the wifi connection, but when i select the save file, it says "error:wrote 512, got 0". can anyone help me?
  3. I've just bought a CycloDS and Have backed up my SS/HG save file to the computer via WIFI and Savsender/ savreceiver but I cant seem to load it on my CylcoDS. Now I want to be able to use it to load the wondercards using pokesav (or whatever program is needed to install the wondercards), so how do i go about putting them on then loading that file with the CYcloDS? sorry if im being a bother ;
  4. Hi, I recently bought soul silver, and i'm wondering if its possible to send a wondercard file to my copy of the game? if it how, how do you do it? Thanks in advance for any responses ^^
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