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  1. The coding error for Synchronize effect on the nature of SOS called Pokémon is still present in USUL : The nature of the first party Pokémon (in the order before the battle) is taken into account for Synchronize's effect instead of the nature of the Synchronizer (who may not be in first party slot) when an ally is called while the Synchronizer is on the field. Synchronize keeps affecting the nature of newly called allies as long as the Synchronizer is on the field, even if the Synchronizer changes its ability by using Imitate/Skill Swap. Thus, only one Synchronizer is needed for SOS chains. Also, the non-chainable wild Pokémon in USUL (aside from all the Ultra Dimension wild Pokés) seem to be : - Minior, Wimpod, Komala, because their Call Rate is still 0. - Passimian, Oranguru, Metapod, Jangmo-o, Bisharp because they can only call allies from other species. The Pokémon that can only be met with SOS calls are : Walking : Happiny (Pichy/Bonsly/Mime.Jr/Munchlax/Smoochun/Elekid/Magby/Riolu/Cleffa/Igglybuff), Pikachu (Pichu), Sudowoodo (Bonsly), Mr.Mime (Mime.Jr), Snorlax (Munchlax), Jynx (Smoochun), Elektek (Elekid), Magmar (Magby), Lucario (Riolu), Clefable (Cleffa), Jigglypuff (Igglybuff), Shelgon (Bagon, Kala'e Bay), Salamence (Bagon, Route 3), Slowbro (Slowpoke, Kala'e Bay), Sloking (Slowpoke, Kala'e Bay), Sableye (Carbink), Flabebe formes 2,4 (Flabebe), Floette formes 2,4 (Floette), Espeon (Evee, Day), Umbreon (Evee, Night), Fletchlinder (Fletchling), Xatu (Natu), Salazzle (Salandit, Lush Jungle/Wela Volcano Park), Volcarona (Larvesta), Crobat (Golbat, Lush Jungle/Resolution Cave), Pangoro (Pancham), Toucannon (Trumbeak, Route 11/Poni), Pawniard (Bisharp), Mudslale (Mudbray, Route 12/Blush Mountain), Balbuto (Any Pkmn in Haina Desert), Persian (Meowth, Malie Garden), Vikavolt (Charjabug, Day), Gengar (Haunter), Lockpin (Buneary, Poni Grove), Ampipom (Apom), Blissey (Chansey), Kommo-o (Jangmo-o), Hakamo-o (Jangmo-o). Fishing / Surfing : Gyarados (Magikarp), Starmie (Staryu), Seaking (Goldeen), Lanturn (Chinchou), Sharpedo (Carvanha), Gorebyss (Clamperl, Day), Huntail (Clamperl, Night), Whiscash (Barboach), Dragonair (Dratini), Dragonite (Dratini), Crawdaunt (Corphish), Mareanie (Corsola), Octillery (Remoraid)
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