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  1. SET YOUR PRIMARY DNS TO Currently Randomly Distributing Victini: level 1 Nature:Bold Happiness:250 Held Item: Masterball Ability: Victory Star With Pokerus Attacks; Max PP'd V-Create Fusion Flare Fusion Bolt Searing Shot Rattata: Level 1 Nature: Adamant Happiness:250 Held Item:Focus Sash Ability: Guts With Pokerus Attacks; Max PP'd Endeavor Quick Attack ACCEPTING REQUESTS Pokemon: Ability Level Attacks Held Item Any EVs/IVs any particular info you want
  2. with version 0.2 i could connect to IR-GTS and it was normal and Now i can't connect to it at all, any solutions (I've tried port forwarding etc and am running windows 7)
  3. i hope this gets figured out asap stuck at the elite 4
  4. Can someone please send this to my pokemon white via wifi
  5. is that modded GTS still up Edit: Works like a charm looking forward to seeing a fully working GTS in the next few days
  6. Hey Guys does anyone have the ability to trade me the UT Reshiram file to my White if i post a PKM?
  7. Hey guys this is my first post but from now on i will be Hosting a Public GTS server To connect set your dns server to i will be hosting different pokemon everyday,requests are welcome for pokemon Past pokemon:N/A Current: FEAR Rattata
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