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  1. But what I'm saying is that you CAN'T USE .PATCH in XDelta. It simply does not work. And if I use a "Clean ROM," then it won't have the EXP fix anymore. What's the point of even playing if I can't use the EXP fix? It's likeI either play in japanese, not understand anything, but get EXP, or play in english, and the game is virtually unplayable. None of you people are answering my questions. I said XDelta simply WILL NOT work with a .patch file, and I've tried everything else to get it working as well. I even dragged my pre-english-patched ROM ((I have a japanese pone that I attempted patching with the english fix, and that's what I'm asking help for, seeing as XDelta CANNOT USE .PATCH FILES))that I downloaded into the Rudolph's Child's Play to fix the EXP, and that did nothing either. I don't understand why no one has a ROM with BOTH patches on it. That doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I got the anti-piracy off, but I still can't seem to apply the english patch. XDelta just doesn't work with .patch files. I had my friend on Remote Assistance for about 2 hours last night, trying to figure this out with me, and it just seems impossible for us. I have no idea how to apply the english patch to the now AP Free Pokemon White ROM I have. Again, XDelta doesn't work with .patch files, so it seems. Am I doing something wrong here? I'd appreciate some help, here. I'm a total n00blet when it comes to all this stuff, and I just wanna play Pokemon White already.
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