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  1. Here are the working (for white at least) DATs for v3 patch. Please let me know if it works for Black version. Download P.S. Kaarosu, you forgot to input the require data for infolib so it can boot up.
  2. Here is a modified DATs from Retro v6.80 Added ID and codes into the DATs for this translation patch and it should bypass error -4 and AP. Please let me know if it works. DATs Download v3: http://www.mediafire.com/?2dulpiy4431sj13
  3. Amazing... people these day always steal your work and not credit the right person... and stubborn... *sigh*
  4. Use my DropHere.bat see if it work for you. You will see .dstt file but its not only for DSTT is the same of the original rom Just drag and drop clean rom into DropHere.bat to specific version Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hpasl2ce8j41j20
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