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  1. Crab, have you tried Gamefaq's for their .sav's? I think they have sav files, but I dunno if you'll be able to find what you're looking for exactly.
  2. Hey guys, just a quick request. Any time you find a battle message error, such as the 'Protect' messages people were commenting on a little ways back, let me know. I'm focusing on 0016 to get all the battle messages, and it would help a lot if you guys could point out things too. Also, if someone could tell me how to sync my fork with the main project, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is all assuming, of course, that Serebii is 100% accurate, which it probably isn't.
  4. Dragon types are actually not that hard to kill quickly. Ice and Dragon hit for 2x, and if it's a double type with Flying, Ice gets a 4x. The only awesome typing for a douple type with dragon is Dragon/Water, since the only super effective move is down to just Dragon. Kingdra has this typing, that's why I use him.
  5. Can anyone verify that \xf000븀\x0000\xfffe scrolls the text box into a new line?
  6. I think I figured it out! When you use a held item to restore HP, this shows up \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001で\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeたいりょくを かいふくした! At that part with \xf000븀\x0000\xfffe both lines of the text box are filled, and it scrolls down to a new line, eliminating the top line of text! Like so: Line1: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 (hits \xfffe) Line2: \xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001で (hits \xf000븀\x0000\xfffe) which becomes: Line1: \xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001で Line2: たいりょくを かいふくした!
  7. You mean you use Dragon types? EDIT: On a different note, can someone tell me if \xf000븀\x0000 is a text command or not?
  8. But 'Roost' is so useful on a flying pokemon that can't learn a recovery move.
  9. Hey, do you guys know what message Pokemon displays when you try to use 'Roost' with full HP? Is it something like 'But POKEMON's heath is already full!' ? EDIT: Imma just go with 'POKEMON's health is already full!'
  10. Ok, I need help with this. When you use a move such as 'U-Turn' or 'Volt Change' and you are picking your next pokemon to send out, this message is displayed: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffe\xf000Ā\x0001\x0001のもとへ もどっていく! EDIT: HURP DURP NEVERMIND \xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 shows the player's name, and I named myself in Japanese when I started the file. >.<
  11. Well, I'm fried. I got through a fair few battle effects, I'll pick back up tomorrow.
  12. I'm using every resource I can for these battle messages. D: And I guess we went with a more literal translation for the flinch status. :3
  13. I found it in 16 and changed it to 'Fell crashing to the ground!' I'm not sure why it was the water ring thing, although there's a line under it that says 'Regained health from water ring' or something, which may have something to do with it. 16 is just a whole lot of confus piled on top of repetitiveness.
  14. Just an update or whatever, but I notice the move 'Knock Down' tells you 'The foe is covered in a water ring!' I don't know whether it shares this message on accident with a different move, or just a mistranslation.
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