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  1. ooh........ so what are you guys gone focus on V4 and silent storm what do you mean by check the in battle desc of mold breaker?
  2. guys also will the pokedex description be patched into English in v2 or will we have to wait????
  3. i just finished the game now(until the first credits!) this is a great blast of a game........ i thank pp for the patch............ great
  4. lol you guys want the story first,instead of all the other stuff in English???
  5. guys the v1 was awesome if at this rate every one of you will beat game freaks to there English release sad abt the fact that we don't even get to buy a ds or 3ds in India,where i stay.......... we have no official game release here
  6. Guys can you say wen the final patch wuld be ready????? How much have u progressed on the story line I am sorry for the typos
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