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  1. Volt Change's text is completely messed up..it says "[Pokemon name]'s [Trainer name] went back to normal!"
  2. Another translation error.. when a Pokemon uses Torment, it says "[Pokemon name] something note quarrel"..whatever that's supposed to mean.
  3. There's an error regarding the ability Frisk..once it activates, it says "The wild [Pokemon name] [item name] is unusual", so for example "The wild Gochimu Quick Claw is unusual".
  4. Much of the opening dialogue is in pretty horrible English..if I can find the files I'll fix it.
  5. Asking for the third time cause I haven't gotten an answer yet.. Does anyone know which file(s) the Pokedex entries are in?
  6. Okay guys, I really need some help..which file are the dex entries in? Can't find them anywhere.
  7. Hm, alright then..I've never used GitHub before, so bear with me while I figure out how to use it, but I'll get started on those entries immediately.
  8. Yeah, I meant using those entries and just putting them into the game But you might be right about needing permission..I'll try to find some other versions of those entries, but if not I guess I'll ask the guys at Pokebeach for permission.
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