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  1. hello i want to help to translate it to french i speak and write very good french so i need the tool to compile ok ?
  2. probad estos links aver si os funcionan es para una traduccion que subi http://9636e2ff.linkbucks.com http://cd2c41c0.linkbucks.com http://ed1409d8.linkbucks.com
  3. <p><p><p><p><p>olle me pdrias agregar en la lista de traductores que sale en el github por favor ?</p></p></p></p></p>

  4. olle sergiotob o edgar me podrian decir como creo mi propio .patch file por que quiero traducirlo al italiano con mi amigo y ya lo tenemos casi terminado entero y solo nos hace falta saber como hacer el patch seria de gran ayuda si me lo dijieras
  5. someone can help me because i want to create a .patch file cause i have translated the files in my language and now i need help please
  6. other more translates 0186 THE 0198 the 0201 The 0213 the 0215 THE 0219 THE 0227 if someone know more inglish than me he can correct the mistakes , ( i know its the a lot of mistakes , cause im using the google translator ) regars eosia
  7. im using this version translated with the exp and im playing perfectly with wood 1.13
  8. Here is the 0141 The 0144 I think this is in Plaza Wifi like , hello , hola , bonjour etc etc The 148 its translated but i have translated the other 5 word ok the 0158 translated with google the 0175 here i will translate more with the google if someone can tell me other best translator ?
  9. people i want to help with thats project but i want to know whats files i need to edit to translate it i have downloaded the game , and upacked it then i downloaded the hexadecimal editor but now whats files and where i can find the files to edit it ?? im really wanting to help us with thats project (i unpacked it with the dslazy)
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