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  1. Also just found that when a pokemon has mold breaker it says "X is being lazy" Thanks for the work guys
  2. Don't know if its been pointed out yet, but when a pokemon gets hurt by the opponents 'rough skin' ability it says "X was scanned" and when a pokemon uses fly it says "X's anger has risen"
  3. Whenever I use TM40 (Aerial Ace) my game freezes immediately after "____ already knows 4 moves" and the text that should be "delete another move to make room for aerial ace?" comes up like "????????u?????????b????????????????" and thats where the game freezes
  4. This happened to me so I know how you feel! As long as you've patched it correctly, it should work fine provided ALL of your cheat codes are disabled, that was what caused me to have white screen. Hope that helps
  5. I haven't changed any folder names and only moved roms from one folder to another one (was making room for v1) I've already got desmume 0.9.6 & i didn't get any error messages, i literally open the rom and it stays white screen. edit: Somehow managed to fix it, had to delete a few files here and there
  6. can anyone tell me why my desmume won't load patched roms anymore? worked fine before yesterday and now it doesn't like any of my patched white roms
  7. New update just doesn't make my ROM work Patch the rom correctly, load the ROM on my Desmume(0.9.6) on which all previous patches have worked and suddenly they don't work. Just stays white screen when I open the rom seriously what the hell is going on (using white new logo with exp patch also doesn't work with old logo)
  8. well then you're a better person than i am Thank you so much for clarification
  9. First of all I want to say thank you to everyone that's working on this you're doing such a good job! Secondly I just wanted to inquire as to what exactly should be translated in the beta patch? When i view the summary of my pokemon where it shows what pokemon they are + in the pokedex their names are in English, but just at the party + battle screens they're still in japanese... like I've given them a nickname? Sorry if i'm being a complete noob and they're not actually supposed to be in english there yet or not, or theres something really easy that someone else has already explained how to fix but i wasnt going to read through 51 pages D:
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