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  1. Hey NSSVelocity, i have 4 Japanese friends and myself who want to just translate all this text and get it over with, we have done english subs for some anime movies(naruto bleach ect..) of course we would need to know the correct format for the game script and ect. ect. can you PM me links to the programs you are using and also with a little information on the correct format so /xfffe or whatever doesnt appear
  2. look this guy just made a patch for us sooner and he has all the patches into one, he basically made something to hold us off til an official one is out, now stop being idiots and either ignore the patch he made or use it, no need to be trolls.
  3. after you find the real name of the rom you open up the ttdt.exe and open extinfo and change the one with IRAJ or IRBJ to match your code, then you open the infolib.dat file and change it there too. then after you do that copy the extinfo and infolib files to your ttmenu folder and then put your rom on your flashcart and play it. if this doesnt work you are doing something wrong with the endrypts step.
  4. i must say, NSSVelocity has been doin quite a bit of work recently and answering questions, we have a lot of people here working hard, and they all deserve our thanks. I added my fork to the git as well.
  5. thing is these guys are gonna b friends now then after the final patch they will forget about us... unless they keep talkin here and they do the next game too!!! lol
  6. You guys know how hard learning japanese is???!!! uggghhh im trying though haha how many years have you had kaarosu? sorry to get off topic just wanting to know how long it might take me
  7. ok there is a bug on your trainer card, if you look at the back where it says your stats and hall of fame stuff it says i have released 10 pokemon and i havent even released one really, its even there when i restart and i tried it on other roms as well.
  8. ok i see that us ttds users need another version of the patch without the exp patch or we need a way to remove the exp patch and only have the translation... >.<
  9. Why doesnt the patch work on ttds??? is there something else i can use on my r4i sdhc to play this with the patch? it seems the other people who asked this were ignored...
  10. Exactly. We can only wait and be patient so they can do thing correctly with no pressure, we are all eager to play it but if we keep bothering them they will get tired of dealing with it, so lets just be patient please, itll be here when it gets here, lets just hope its soon.... lol
  11. Damn 0016 is a loonng ass one and it doenst even look close to done lol i think we have about a 2day wait on our hands from what i can see from this mornings progress but then again i am not even translating this so i deff could b wrong. Edit: I think everyone should pitch in for 0016 like certain people do certain parts of the file while others do theirs and maybe within 5-6 hours it would be complete, 0016 seems like the one txt file that has all the battle data
  12. The fact that the patch will be released so early shows how great of a community pokemon has built, it usually takes developers a year while you guys have tackled the main parts we need in less than 2 weeks, and then im guessing about a few months or so for the main story. i cant wait for the pokedex and menu/pokemon name updates because its really annoying in japanese, hopefully you did the wifi and tutorials and shops as well! =)
  13. I think its really amazing how fast a patch can be released when everyone chips in! like imagine if this was for ALL games?!!! we would have gamer heaven on earth! Japanese games pouring down from the skies and feeding our game consoles! it would be amazing, anyways this is great and thanks so much, ill help however i can but i need to know hwta format you guys are using and program. And just for all you asking, it should be compatible with any Card that you can currently play pokemon w/b on because it will still be a ROM after they patch it, they will use a program that will combine the nds file and the ips file or whatever format they are using now.
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