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  1. Works perfectly on my super card dstwo mate. Both the trimmed and untrimmed rom.
  2. In game settings Language = English??? Try patching the ROM again if that doesn't work.
  3. Ive found some silly typo's in the first 10 minutes of game play. Please link me to the git url for the initial text, 'welcome to the world of pokemon'. Biancas tour around the PKMN centre and the first encounter with Alder. Ive captured pictures of my phone, if you'd rather make the changes yourself?
  4. I agree with changing Pokemon Trainer to PKMN Trainer, it's always been abbreviated in past games. On a vacation now so can't get at v3 from my iPad, so I'm gutted. That's one hell of a change log/update. Cant wait to return home and download the latest. This is amazing work all round. Thanks for the hard work.
  5. Amazing progress! Thanks! v2 FTW!!! v3 sounds great. i need 6 characters for my boys name!!!
  6. WOW!!! just wow, beautiful translation! although, ive flown back to the start just to check the translation out and professor Araragi, starts speaking in english and then turns to JAP, i assume this is because i've gone back to her after ive progressed through the game and the translation isn't complete? or have i done something wrong with the patch?
  7. anyone know what the items are you collect on the bridge? as you pass over? also are they now in english?
  8. sorry mate, i though i had read the change log!! well never mind, glad to hear they're being changed! btw im very impressed with the speed and accuracy with this translation. i thank you all
  9. yo team, just thought i'd post some mistakes ive found. not sure ive they've been brought up before, but oh well im not reading 145 pages to find out....!! very start of the game, where you receive your first PKMN, the spelling of receive is wrong in the first sentence, but then correct in the second..!! and since V2, when you purchase items from the shop /pkmart.....your current '£' doesn't display a total (money earned), it displays what ever you click on...... ie: click in items to but a potion and it'll display '£items', hope thats easy enough to understand....take a look and you'll see cheers
  10. 0143: Parents I You Mother Grandpa Uncle Father Show details of these Adult Young 'un Her sister Granny Aunt Oh' Father A Customer A Girl Girl My Family Play Audio He Kid Siblings Children Customer Mr. Jibun Who Friend Unidentified People Baby Boy I All Rival i dont know the last two though
  11. My First Translation: 0043: いろいろ = Various 運動 = Movement 読書 = Reading 音楽 = Music 映画 = Movies 旅行 = Travel 料理 = Cuisine 釣り = Fishing ゲーム = Games
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