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  1. The problem here is that the download link found in this: leads to DW v0.12.56.exe, which is the version that's crashing and all of that. Is the correct link the one posted by randomspot555? His one doesn't even have a version number.
  2. Wouldn't it be a good idea to link to PokeStation's thread or something in the first post then, to avoid more posts like this?
  3. That's why there's the input method that looks like a QWERTY keyboard - just turn the "shift" key on, type the names there (RE SHI RA MU, ZE KU RO MU or KYU RE MU) and the game will do the conversion to Japanese for you.
  4. Because they are? Use the patch that doesn't have the word "kana" in it. By the way, Fes Missions seem kind of broken in the latest patch, at least on Black 2. The first one you get upon going there had its name completely butchered (into something like """"""""""""??????????????????????), and after you're done with it and choose the receive pass power option, the game says Received " and freezes.
  5. Awesome, another patch. Love you guys. By the way, can I ask you guys to translate the Fes Missions and Join Avenue? The first because it's kind of hard to read the list of missions when everything is in Japanese (it works for single player too!), and the latter because you can guide NPCs that pop up there to certain shops based on what they say, which is also hard to do if everything is in Japanese.
  6. Can anything be done about the text speed? It seems kinda slow even on the fastest setting. If not, would using that AR code work with no problems?
  7. Just saw someone say that this patch makes it impossible to get past a part of the game where you need to enter a password, which could be anything from this pool: 1101, 2202, 3303, 4404, 5505, 6606, 7707, 8808, 9909, レシラム, ゼクロム, キュレム. Is anyone capable of checking? By the way, did the font change with this patch also change the numbers? If so, then it might be because of that.
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