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  1. Thank you very much I feel the same way. I also cant tell you how surprised I was to find this and that he had it saved on his game bank with Mew untouched.
  2. I am very sorry about that please disregard my earlier post I was not meaning to cause any problems. Yes you are 100% right wilykat from the EverDrive forums deserves all the credit for saving this over 15 years ago and uploading a completely legit and unmodified mew. On a side note since we all Love mew so much. I did some poking around in a hex editor and also used @Metropolis pokemon editors. I found out and noticed if you use the screen shots for the stats and create a mew with all the same stats, IV, trainer name, character, ETC and make it match EXACTLY and then same it a s pkm file that the mew you just created this way and the legit downloaded mew match byte for byte in a hex editor. I also used the editor to port it to gen 2 and 3 I am not sure the algorithm it used to great the Hidden id on gen 2 or 3. but I noticed that the hidden id changes if you use mew at all to battle, teach moves or level up that the hidden ID changed when you convert him to other gens.
  3. Thank you very much for posting This I have been looking for these for years This is also the same one I posted on February 6 here https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33354-Gen-I-II-to-Gen-III-IV-V-Conversion&p=213522#post212234 I also got it from his game save file from the other forum. I am not trying to discredit you at all, I just would also like some credit too. I did see a link on there when I first found the site with in the past year or so , and when i stumbled upon it again I notched the word attachment so I signed up and download it. Thank you again for posting this I know many people will be really happy to finally get the 1999 mew. Just a word of Warning for any one who is going to use the program PKXDelta 32x or 64X to edit their save in the link I posted above its has a problem with the boxes , when you fill them in in the program and then play the game some boxes may be empty or offest improperly. BACK UP YOUR SAVE FIRST.
  4. sorry it took so long, also when using pike save and manually fill boxes 1-12 its fine in game. when I import that save into your program it shows box 1 is empty and that only boxes 2-12 are filled. I download your 32x program again from another link and was able to get you the code FZiOkoeIkYFQAAAAjISWUAAAAAAAAAAVABkFABgYLQEAAADZlgAAhwAAAAAAAAAAAAChxSMAAAA= pasting this code into a party or box crashes your app
  5. This is gen 1 Pokemon Editor 64-bit.exe used to crashe when pasting. I am on windows 10 64x and I was on it before when the programs used to run, "Pokemon Editor 32bit & 64-bit" will not run or open any more. Only Pokemon Editor Legacy.exe will run, do you have any later versions I found these some where on this forum? when I convert it from gen 1 to gen 2 and then from gen 2 to gen 3 it is pulling a hidden trainer ID from some where. Mew is also holding the bitter berry in gen 2 importing or pasting into the party or box would crash it. I have event tried running it in compatibility mode for windows 8 [ATTACH]13050[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13051[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13057[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13054[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13055[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13056[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13052[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13053[/ATTACH]
  6. @Metropolis Thank you very much, I am really looking forward to this. Also can you see if the bulk loading the box's for gen one works? When I copy and paste this mew and paste 5 into the party they do not past right and are truncated in hex value. Also when I paste this mew in to the box the programs shows a trainer character for the first one and then instantly crashes. Also when I fill up the boxes, I think it was box one or twelve in the legacy program and it says box 2 and 12 are filled and I only filled one box? sorry it took so long to respond the site has been giving me problems. when I do a password reset and create a new one I can log in and as soon as I log out the new and old password seem to stop working. also if you can not fix and compile a new build right a way can you please tell me the values I would need to edit in the save files to add this mes to all 6 in party and al fill all the boxes please. and or release your source code. Thank you again very much. P.S. this is a the 1999 Nintendo toys r us giveaway mew .I Downloaded the game save from some one on another form, he used something like the mega memory card to save his game. I will give him credit in the post when I can find the page again , I had a problem with my pc and had to reinstall windows and for got to save my bookmarks before formatting. I have also been checking back here for your response post. but haven't logged back in cause each time I have to do a forgotten password to get back in. Also do you know how to edit the save file to add/ edited the trainer's Hidden ID besides the OT ID, that way I can make a game save with the trainer id and the hidden id?
  7. I have a question when i export a pokemon from blue version with Pokemon Editor Legacy.exe it is 23 bytes and when i do it with Pokemon Editor 64-bit.exe it is 56 bytes. I am exporting them both as pkm files, both to and from gen 1. This is a Nintendo event Pokemon and I want to Export it properly. Which would be a correct pkm file to use or program i should be using? I would believe Pokemon Editor 64-bit.exe , is there a newer version I should be using? I have attached two screen shots of the pkm file in hexadecimal. sorry for the big images it would not let me upload or attach and images
  8. could some one please tell me if this is legit or no it is from R/B/Y but in the pkm format of a wounder card http://goofwear.com/mew/MEW_RBY.zipits from Daveyx0 via his you tube account, and then in the read me he mentions your forum. dose any one have this mew or know where to get it. Edit: couldn't I in game make my name NINTEN and then change my trainer ID then do the me trick to catch a mew. cause back i Red Blue and Yellow there wasn't extra hidden data on Pokemon was there.and if there isnt any extra data dosen't that mean some one could just use pokesave on the diamond and then just create a mew and leave the secret ID blank and then caught Via trade Also I couln't find the spoiler button I had to go to my forum and find the code for it. and could the Admin or mod please change my name from "goofweaqr" to "goofwear" no quotes because i hit the q button by mistake. Thank you ahead of time and thank you any one who can help
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