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  1. full RAM dump means we can check all 30 box with PKHeX? can you provide a modfiication code.bin via pm? thank you
  2. tools - toggle box interface then you can box right side choose a monster right click view then check OT/Misc left side
  3. (X/Y) KeySAV2 - Box/Battle Video Data Viewer

    it works well thank you
  4. (X/Y) KeySAV2 - Box/Battle Video Data Viewer

    I hope can update keysav2 to loading injectiondebug.bin then we can check box1-9?
  5. is it possible to make a progrom like KeySAV2 for retail cartridges user who donot have ps or se to check SAV IV as you said injectiondebug.bin include box1-5 data If I put egg in box 1-5 then check?
  6. long time ago someone dump torchic.wc6 but WC6 Editor can not read so bad dump? torchic.rar
  7. X / Y Save File Research

    can you inject Latias/Latios mega stone?
  8. (X/Y) KeyBV - Battle Video Data Viewer

    dump button left choose TSV then dump
  9. (X/Y) KeyBV - Battle Video Data Viewer

    edit1 solved use PKHeX can see item thank you use winhex can not see item name maybe use wrong character set then rename pk6 to pkx use pkx editor can only see item number but I do not know which number is what item lol
  10. (X/Y) KeyBV - Battle Video Data Viewer

    just update and dump.csv now we can see move eggmove but can not see item?
  11. (X/Y) KeyBV - Battle Video Data Viewer

    test again ask my friend first time only 1 Pokemon,second time 2 Pokemon 2nd is the first one then dump BV Key - Opponent's Team can see Opponent's Team
  12. (X/Y) KeyBV - Battle Video Data Viewer

    just try it,it works but can not dump opponent`s team? anyway dump EV item move