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  1. I have a Deoxys with Pursuit, but the legality checker says it's illegal: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=502226 The Deoxys is at Level 30. In Generation III, where the Deoxys originated, it learns Pursuit at Level 20. In subsequent generations, it learns it at Level 33, which seems to throw the legality checker off.
  2. Hello. I have found two bugs (both having to do with languages) with the Pokédex: 1. When opening a save file, every seen/caught Pokédex entry will automatically be updated with whatever language is currently selected under the Language menu. For example, if English is selected, every seen/caught Pokédex entry will have the English flag checked, even if it wasn't already checked before. This happens even if "Automatically updated Pokédex" is unchecked. This is annoying because I always edit Spanish save files, and I always have to remember to select Spanish first before opening any file, so that English flags won't automatically be checked. 2. In the Pokédex window, if you click the English box for any Pokémon, go to a different Pokémon, then go back, you'll see that it actually affects the Japanese box instead. The same is true in reverse. This is a bit confusing, so let's do an example: Let's say that I have Abra selected. Suppose that neither English nor Japanese are checked. Then I click English. At first, it appears that English is checked now. But then I go to Abomasnow, then back to Abra. Now I see that the Japanese box is checked instead. Now if I were to repeat this process, I would see that both boxes are unchecked again when Abra's info is refreshed.
  3. Hello... sorry if this isn't the right place to as this... but does anybody by any chance know how to dump text in Pokémon Black/White? I've searched all over the Internet for hours, but found nothing. And I know it's possible, seeing that there are unofficial translations for the games... Anyway, I would like to be able to dump the text in Spanish versions of Black/White because I need a list of cities/moves/items/etc. in Spanish, and dumping the text seems like the easiest way to do this. (Yeah, don't ask.) So... can someone help? Thanks! Hopefully there is a thenewpoketext tool or something equivalent for Generation V...
  4. Hmmm... I have a problem here. I recently got a new computer, running Windows 7 64-bit, and GTS Server always crashes as soon as I start it up. As you can see, DNS Server still works, so I don't think it's my firewall. Sendpkm also works for me. I also installed NET Framework 4, which I think is the latest version, because I recall reading somewhere that I need to do that. What can I do to fix this? Thanks. Oh, and it also worked on my old XP, but I'd rather use my new computer.
  5. Thanks, I got it to work. Awesome! Just one last thing: It is possible to deposit multiple Pokémon at once without having to take them back every time? My boxes in Platinum are almost full since I have a lot of Pokémon, and I would like to just simply free up some Pokémon in my game and just "store" them on my PC (not the in-game PC, but my actual one). This is just a minor thing, but it would be nice if it was possible to do this... Of course, I could always release the Pokémon, I guess... since they would still be stored in my computer.
  6. Does that mean that I have to use DNS_server.exe and use an external IP address instead?
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum. Anyways, I'm having the same problem as Daakun. I can get sendpkm.py to work without any problems, but I can't get GTS server.exe to work at all. I open it, and I get a window saying "Waiting for a connection..." which I assume is normal. Then, I set my DS's primary DNS server to my internal IP address (the one that starts with 192.168...), just like I do when I use sendpkm.py. I go to the GTS, but my DS cannot connect, and I always get error code 52100. I'm using Platinum if that means anything at all. What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix this?
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