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  1. Try this https://sites.google.com/site/pokencg/ and is port 80 open on your computer?
  2. It came Legaly from my game as a nincada, i evolved it and eved it and the ninjask comes out fine but not the Shedinja. 634100929779506838_Ninjask_119172343.pkm 634100867795036838_Shedinja_119172343.pkm
  3. Like I know how to set your the Python gts thing and port forward 80 (and 53?). Is this the same thing except download and use this?
  4. WOW Thankyou SOOOO Much. This app is like WOW. Its Awesome. now i can start a new game AND keep all my old pokemon. Thanks soo much for this. all we need is a guide on how to set all of this up from scratch so my friends can use it.
  5. [quote name=M@T;77181 And you say that it is possible with external IPs' date=' but not with your internal one ? That's odd, or I don't understand your previous post...[/quote] I can give people using my External Ip Random pokemon but I want to Give my self (people in my house) Random pokemon too.
  6. Is it possible to Set Random pokemon to your Personal (House) Gts Server? I only know how to set random on the ones others are receiving (Using my External Ip)
  7. Thanks. With that pokemon randomizer i gave awat 1000+ pokemon. Thanks again
  8. Does anyone know why it tells me to set my dns to
  9. It tells me to set my dns on
  10. ok. i port forwarded my ports and done everything but people still cant connect to my gts server
  11. What does it say? 52100? Do you have steam? Disable firewall, Pots 80. Restart computer? Security software on your computer may be stopping this from working, try temporarily disabling any security/firewall programs. Otherwise check your router's settings to see if it has any sort of LAN security policies in effect. Follow the instructions in the question above to see ipconfig info, copy down the "default gateway" address into the address bar of a browser and press enter. A login box should come up. The username should be "admin" or blank, and the password can be anything from "admin" to "administrator" "pass" to "password" or "password1", or something else if you've set it differently. Ask whoever set up the router what the password to get into it is, or check this page. http://www.phenoelit-us.org/dpl/dpl.html Failing that, try it from a different computer. Also try opeaning port 80. Not sure if that will help but it’s worth a shot.
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