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  1. Can someone tell me what is written in a Trainer Memo for Pokemon received from a Trade?
  2. Can someone make the sprite look like a Shadow Lugia with the information below? PID:3912718920 Species:Lugia Nickname:Lugia Level:100 Nature:Calm Held Item:Wise Glasses Happiness:255 Ability:Pressure Country:US Origin: Soul Silver Met: Whirl Islands Dive Ball 45 IV:All 31 EV: 6 HP 252 Defense 252 Special Defense Moves: Extrasensory Hydro Pump Aeroblast Sky Attack OT: Gold Male ID:37112 SID:41664
  3. Can someone help me? I don't know what a Traded Pokemon or Pal Park'd Pokemon's Trainer Memo is supposed to look like.
  4. Could someone tell me what's supposed to be on a Trainer Memo for a Pokemon from Pal Park? The Pokemon I made had this. Rash nature. Date I caught it at Pal Park Kanto Met at Lv.30. Is it right? And what's a Traded Pokemon's Trainer Memo supposed to have?
  5. And the date is when I caught it?
  6. datenshi11793

    Pal Park

    I've never caught a Pokemon in Pal Park. Would its Trainer Memo look like Nature Date Pal Park Met at Lv. 30?
  7. Also, their Trainer Memos would be the same, right?
  8. I apologize if this is obvious, but a Shedinja will have the same nature as the Ninjask it evolved with, right? And a Shedinja will always be in a normal Poké Ball?
  9. Yes. This is what I want to do. Is it possible?
  10. datenshi11793

    Shadow Lugia

    Does anyone know if its possible to generate one?
  11. That's not what I was asking. My question is if you get a Pokemon from the Pokewalker, does it say in the Trainer Memo that you got it from the Pokewalker? This may be obvious, but I haven't seen a Trainer Memo of a Pokemon from the Pokewalker so I just want to be sure.
  12. If a Pokemon is from the Pokewalker, does it say Pokewalker for where you met it? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I lost my Pokewalker before I got a Pokemon from it.
  13. I use one code, but it's for more than one pokemon in my box.
  14. Sometimes when I load a game after using a Pokesav code, my whole file gets erased. Can someone help me with this? Am I doing something wrong?
  15. I know about those. I want to set a nature, gender, and ability class and see what IV's match to those because Pokésav and Pokégen generate what nature, gender, and ability match with IV's you set.
  16. datenshi11793

    PID help

    Is there something that'll let me see what IV's match with a certain nature, gender, and ability class? Because Pokesav and Pokegen do the opposite. I just think this would be easier.
  17. datenshi11793

    Red Name?

    I think that means you're missing something. Probably the PID, because I took out the PID's of my pokemon and their names turned red.
  18. If you use the Platinum pokesav to make pokemon, then trade them to Soul Silver it'll say "Apparently Met" in the Trainer Memo if you don't use the 86h Hidden Hex Value. "Apparently Met" means its not really yours and might not obey you, but everything else should be the same if I understood you correctly.
  19. For Soul Silver/Heart Gold you have to set the Place Met to Farawayplace then put in the hidden hex value.
  20. No problem, but are you using 15 separate codes? You could just make 1 code that puts 15 pokemon in your box.
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