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  1. So no idea of what I could do then =/ ?
  2. Still not working for me.... I forwarded both ports, i tested them and they seem to be open. I sued 2 different types of port checkers =( Any suggestions, i been trying for over a week to get this working T.T When the person tries to connect on the GTS they get a "you have been disconencted from the GTS,you will be taken to the counter"
  3. drag & drop the pkm file to the sendpkm Lol anyone that can help me with my issue >.<
  4. Form a pkm file? You should use pokesav and just save the pkm file to the same folder as the script. Idk about th 2nd one, i have the 2.6.X that was on the python website and it works for e when i send pokemon to myself. what OS are you using?
  5. I dont think flashcarts work for the XL DSi -I use a cyclocDS(way better than most carts on the market) DLDI(Dynamically Linked Device Interface) most recent flashcarts are already patched with DLDI so if u get a recent/good cart you dont even have to worry about that. It doesnt ruin it, Ive used it and had no issues. the PPSE-DS runs on ur flashcart. Yes you can edit any pokemon. If u have a retail cart, you cant. Well theres a way but you wont want to , you need a special adaptor and opening ur retail HG/SS game to solder some stuff, since these cartiges have different technology than past games.
  6. + my IP is static, and it that one. The port are forwarded fine on the routeer, although i dont trust the port 80TCP<.< Its that i used a portchecker called PFPortchecker(from portforward.com) ports 53 tcp/udp are open and 80 udp is open, but the 80 tcp shows as closed...., but if i use a portchecker online it shows port80 as open Xx ay suggestions =/ ? Would u mind explaining that one with a bit more detail ?
  7. Well thing is that i dont get an error message I try and connect, but then it just says it cant conenct and that im gonna get send to the counter, but theres not a message with an error # I cant disable the router firewall for th whole router or the one PC. Windows firewall is turned off. heres a screenie with the sendpkm.exe log
  8. Scratch that, its not working for me anymore =/ I mean ive never had issues sending myself the pokemons. But im trying to use the one you posted which would allow others to connect. I have static IP, made 4 entries on my router for 53 UDP/TCP and 80 UDP/TCP ; as well as the same for my computer(windows firewall). but i cant get anyone else to connect. Mind giving me a hand =/? And the other questioin would be if it would be possible to make the scripts work ona regular web host
  9. I tried t and it works , nice going there Question, is t possible to implement it on a regular shared webhosting ?
  10. Thanks for the work Um how do i make this work on a web server >.<? I got shared hosting server wanted to see if its possible to give it a try
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