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  1. What IP are you adding into your DS? I'm not exactly knowledgeable of this whole internet sharing AirPort thing, and I don't use a mac, but the gist of it from what I understand is that you get your LAN IP (however you do that on your MAC), and you put that in your DNS settings for your DS. The whole portforwarding and all of that is only if your DS is NOT on the network (via internet, etc)
  2. File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\dnsse rver.py", line 84 except Exception as ex: ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax Get this thrown up when I use it. When I had portforwaded TCP/UDP 53 it still wouldn't work. I'm going to give it another shot now, just in case. I've been having problems with dnsserver.py working period without having Apache setup, which is weird.
  3. Not only does a simple batchscript fix this, but if you read the whole thread, on page 7 or 8 there is a link to GTS_Nuker, which is threaded and allows for multiple pokemon to be sent at the same time, and keeps sending pokemon as long as requests are made, until it is closed.
  4. Depends on your modem, go to portforward.com If anyone is interested, I got this working on my computer, and I made a little package with everything I needed, using the dnsserver.py that Vlad posted and the vB script for distribution (since it's threaded). For some reason it does require having Apache installed, and it required me to enable python for it as well (in hindsight PHP wasn't needed since I couldn't even get it to work properly with it, it wouldn't hand out pokemon, it would just do nothing ) I'm gonna try the new one Vlad posted now, seems cool. I'm also checking out that Pokemon Fan Event site, looks good. I've been hanging around Trickroom recently (they do a similar thing). I've been wondering how hard it would be to get one DNS server and just have it randomly dish out to the other 3~4, so that the load isn't as bad on one, and you don't get lots of errors. It seems this will be very simple to do by editing the dnsserver.py, making it an array and serving different IPs (randomly selected) to different people.
  5. Just a quick question, but how'd you set this up? I'm having issues trying to figure out how to set it up so that I can publish my DNS to allow people outside my network to connect. I was under the original assumption that your script is made so it can go up on a webhost, but when I put it up on mine it doesn't do anything (probably due to shared hosting), or maybe I'm missing on how to do this altogether, working on like 6 hours of sleep from 2 days ago. Forgot to mention, I'm really only interested in serving up pokemon, preferably many at a time to different people (if possible) and being able to just have the script run at different times of day (easy enough to setup). I tried no-ip (what you're using), but was still a bit lost despite having used it before.
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