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  1. The Avatar/Signature Rating Thread

    I just started making these things again when I got CS5 but ugh I got too text-y IMO, but how is it overall?
  2. Pokewalker 85h value?

    oh, ok thanks!
  3. Pokewalker 85h value?

    That's the 86h value. The 85h value should be something like one of these:
  4. Pokewalker 85h value?

    Any idea of what it would be?
  5. 44h, 45h values for Togepi?

    oh, haha thanks!
  6. Has anyone figured out the 44h&45h values for the Togepi received from Elm's aide?
  7. Changing JPN code format to ENG format...

    Oh! Okay, thanks. This really helped
  8. I'm relatively new to this and I was just wondering if converting from Japanese ARDS code format to English format is an easy procedure or a random one. Like, are there set bytes that will always need to be changed between the two different formats? Or is it more dependent on what code is being converted?