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  1. It would certainly make sense; bit odd to jam them in the header like that otherwise. Okay, noted. I'll make my parser work like that, and try some of the other mystery bytes tomorrow.
  2. The PP legality checker, at least, doesn't balk at a Pokémon with junk in 0x04 and 0x05. Interesting.
  3. There are some bytes in the save struct that are apparently unused by the games: for example, 0x04–0x05 and 0x42–0x43. I'm considering using these for my own nefarious purposes. So: 1. Do retail saves always set these to zero, or can they be garbage? I would hope the whole struct is memset to zero right off the bat, but you never know. 2. If so, do any legality checks—including Legality Checker and anything Nintendo uses—verify that these bytes are zero? Please note: I am not talking about "trash bytes". If you don't know what I mean, you probably don't know the answer.
  4. We were trying to build fake GTS servers. Now we have.
  5. The handshake is SSL with some other server. We don't know how it works.
  6. There are several third-party GTSes that can already do this. I think.
  7. Uh, it's part of my entire site. Not really meant for people to run for themselves, especially if you're not a developer.
  8. Yes, you could do that. Actually, just remove the line that deletes the Pokémon from the beta table, and it will do exactly that.
  9. veekun is already running its own DNS server, so dnsspoof wasn't really an option 8) veekun's GTS is still just a dumb roundtrip; working on some backend stuff before I try to make it cooler. And of course I need to actually finish veekun and all.
  10. For the curious, the veekun setup is as follows: - BIND thinks it's a master server for nintendowifi.net. It returns the veekun IP for gamestats2.gs, but the correct IPs for conntest and nat. - In Apache, gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net is a ServerAlias for veekun.com. Requests to http://gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net/pokemondpds/common/setProfile.asp, for example, as treated the same way as though they were for http://veekun.com/pokemondpds/common/setProfile.asp. - App side, I have these two route rules: map.connect('/pokemondpds/worldexchange/{page}.asp', controller='fake_gts', action='dispatch') map.connect('/pokemondpds/common/{page}.asp', controller='fake_gts', action='dispatch') Anything that starts with /pokemondpds, I send off to a custom dispatch function in its own controller. - The dispatch function takes care of challenge/response and decrypting the data, then dispatches to the right method based on the page name. Source here, although it'll be moving later. The thing to remember is that the Nintendo server isn't doing anything special whatsoever; it's just a regular Web app, running on IIS (gross), that happens to return binary junk instead of HTML.
  11. Do you really need a restarter...? Just make sendpkm.py not exit after sending the Pokémon off.
  12. It is done. DNS: Simple roundtripping GTS. Deposit a Pokémon, and next time you check GTS status it'll come back to you. And no blue screen! No searching, etc., and I don't save your Pokémon after you take it back. (Disclaimer: Please don't put anything important in here; this is a proof of concept, and I reserve the right to nuke everything at any time.)
  13. Also, for the hacker crowd, this is a drop-in rewrite of pkmlib.py that might be a bit easier to work with: http://eevee.pastebin.com/fP4YH33Q
  14. BIND is happy to be a master zone for whatever domain you want, whether or not it's actually acting as the main nameserver for that domain. eevee@tekkanin ~ $ host gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net has address eevee@tekkanin ~ $ host gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net has address
  15. I'll have a simple GTS server running as part of veekun by the end of the weekend.
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