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  1. I'm curious... Is there a way to exploit this to get DW Promotional Pokemon?
  2. will the date on your DS trigger which one you get, or is it only based on the date set on the signal from the DS that is sending it at the store? I somehow missed that these were coming out here, I only knew about the upcoming Ash's Pikachu, and was wondering if I would be able to go to a Gamestop with my DS set to a date in the range for Raikou or if I am totally out of luck on the first of these? It would also be nice if it was possible to make one trip in to the store and snag them all at once if this works this way. Anyone know if this will work before I try it out?
  3. Last night my DS Lite suddenly had a strange problem. Both screens turned a bright white. I had been soft-resetting trying to RNG abuse for the first time. I thought at first my game had just frozen. I turned it off, took the game out, reinserted it, and turned it back on. Once again the two screens were bright white. I thought the brightness just got stuck too high, and tried tapping the lower corner of the touch screen. It changed the brightness, and I noticed that the screen seemed "faint", I could tell that what should be on the screen was there, and was acctually more noticeable if
  4. I'm surprised no one came on to point out the obvious mistake I made. You will need to trade one of the starters you did not choose, as well as the Kanto, and Hoenn starters you don't take when given those options later in the game. This adds 6 more trades required to the total I suggested above. That brings the total MINIMUM trades to complete the National Dex in HG / SS to 64, or to 65 if you don't want to wait for the Enigma Crystal event. This also assumes that you are looking for just a complete Dex, and not attempting to trade for one of each form on for example Deoxys. Once again,
  5. Your Question got me thinking hard enough to give you the best real answer I can. Well, I am going to assume for the moment you mean HG and SS: The answer will be 58. [This assumes you are patient enough to wait for a release of Enigma Crystal… Otherwise you would need one more trade for Latios/Latias] I will detail how I got that answer, please someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think I got them all. Please ecuse my misspellings of Pokemon names. The Pokemon that are unobtainable within the games are the Sinnoh Starters, and Sinnoh Legendaries. As well as all Pokemon that require
  6. Good point. I do have both, but haven't gotten to Pal Park in either yet. In HG I am leveling up my team for the eigth gym. In SS I have only gone as far as Goldenrod City so that I can use the GTS. After I defeat the Elite Four in HG I plan to get that far on SS. Then I'll resume HG. I personally am not ready to dump all my Pokemon off my Gen III games because I still like playing them, and still doing some breeding on Emerald so I'm not ready to transfer my collection of Dittos with one or more perfect IV's. Was just showing an example of how to do this with less trading [if in fact t
  7. This also begs the question, are you trying to fill the pokedex, or are you trying to keep one of every pokemon in your pokeboxes??? [i.e. have a Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu on hand all at once]. Back in the Gen III I completed my Kanto dex on both my Fire Red and Leaf Green by trading the version exclusives, and then trading the evolve via trading. It didn't take very much to accomplish. Basically I traded the same evolve through trade on each game at once so they each got the final evolution of each family without having to trade back. I remember it taking very few trades to do [once agai
  8. I'm personally not giving up until I get a Surf and a FLy on both of my games. My SoulSilver I have managed to get a Fly so far. On my HeartGold I have gotten the three "!" several times, and always either knocked it out or had it flee when I threw the pokeball.. :-( It is very frustrating trying to catch those two. I have found that my normal day I manage to walk about 8,500 steps. I then walk another 2,000 steps after work to get my total for the day over 10,000. I've been trying almost every day since the event came out. I think in this case there is a certain thrill of the hunt. I
  9. I seem to still be having some troubles that keep leading to the blue screen. I am running Mac OS X. Python version 2.6 With LordLandon's advice on my first issue I checked what else was running. I turned off printer sharing, web sharing, etc. I used an AR DSi to dump my save file to micro SD. I coverted it from .DUC to SAV and extracted my party Pokemon. For some reason it appears to connect and still goes to the blue screen that says "press A to return to title screen." When I attempted to use a box Pokemon the screen flickered blue and black and static. I have tried Diamond, Pe
  10. I think it is amazing that you studied all this. I seem to need help running this though, and if you mind advising [i hope it's a simple error on my part]. I am on a PPC Mac running OSX 10.4. I tried running the script from the terminal with the "sudo" command. Here is the message I recieved: Encoding! Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/Ringo/Desktop/sendpkm/sendpkm.py", line 46, in <module> initServ() File "/Users/ringo/Desktop/sendpkm/pokehaxlib.py", line 92, in initServ serv.bind(("",80)) File "<string>", line 1, in bind socket.error
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