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  1. It is a beautiful deity from above. :'D It's a little scribble of an octopus done by the user Pirate Queen on Nintendo Pipeline forums. As for my user name, it didn't come from Kirby. It simply came from my love of the word "Waddle".
  2. I notice I'm listening to a lot of things lately. Um. I like the Mercury Project right now? :'D
  3. Alright, I'd like to call the attention of the admins of Project Pokemon. Nintendo Pipeline has made many very polite demands. The "Project Pokemon" theme was temporarily removed, most likely to play us up. Once you thought the coast was clear, you added it again. If you view our website, you can clearly see that your forum has committed a very brazen theft. All we ask of you is that you remove this theme immediately. Thank you.
  4. So yes I'm here. Yes that's all I have to say. :'D
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